Vergel Blanca

Vergel Blanca, our brand


1978: Production

S.A.T. Nº 7996 VERGEL BLANCA is a family business founded in 1978 by Juan Batisda Juliá, dedicated to the fruit production in our own plots. Our brand is named after the plot in which we cultivated for the first time, located in Blanca, where there was a large orchard, of which we still keep a few remnants.


2010: Production and market launch

In 2010, the stage of greater investments and field extensions began. It was after this date when, in addition to producing it, we also started off commercialising all of our fresh fruit production. In 2014, we acquired the facilities of the processing warehouse. From its purchase to the present, several improvements are being made, along with the incorporation of modern machines.


Direct monitoring, from production to its destination

Our plots are located within a range lower than 50km from the warehouse. Transporting the production from its place of origin to the warehouse is done in refrigerated trucks so as to maintain the fruit in its optimal conditions. This way, the quality of the products is preserved since its harvesting. This commitment has been rewarded with several Quality Certifications: GLOBALG.A.P., GRASP, BRC and IFS.

‘We are continuously working, so that the consumer can enjoy the quality of our products’

Our own plots

S. A. T. Nº 7996 VERGEL BLANCA cuenta con una serie de fincas donde cultivamos, cuidamos y recolectamos las variedades frutales que comercializamos. Las fincas están Abarán, Blanca y Caravaca de la Cruz