Welcome to Vergel Blanca

We are committed to the own production

Our plots are located within a range lower than 50km, in the Region of Murcia.



Own production


S.A.T. Nº 7996 VERGEL BLANCA is a family business founded in 1978 by Juan Batisda Juliá. Since its beginnings, we have dedicated to fruit production in our own plots, located in different areas within the Region of Murcia, which is a major producer and shipper of soil products.

Production schedule


Here, you can check our production schedule. This comprehends from the 7th to the 44th week, with different varieties of nectarine, peach, apricot, flat peach, pear, grape and tangerine. We specialize in satisfying the demand from our sector, with our own production and a rigorous monitoring in the whole process.

Since 1978, dedicated to the fruit production

We have staff qualified for the production of high quality fruits and its subsequent harvesting at the optimum time.

Commitment to Quality. Certified company in: